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Enhancing Education

Applications are located in Eduphoria.

ClickCoach for accessing and submitting a grant.

Please contact Sandra Westerberg, ext. 1284 with any questions.

2017-2018 Innovative Grant Recipients

KCMega MathJulie ModisetteJaclyn Fagg, Jennifer Fruge, Amanda Waterloo, Amber Kuroski
KCTOTS can ride the STEM Train too!Lisa KanaLori Isaacks, Natalie Simpson, Brittney Kelley
KCTeam STEM for PPCDKayce PraterAngie Hollman
KCExtending Literacy Skills to Help Our Eagles SoarJennifer Fruge
PSLearning Beyond the Screen with OsmoFatima Gonzalez
PSMimiovote Assessment systems handsetsJenni Jennings
ESN#fastonfactsRobbie Reamy
ESNFlexible Seating - The Power to ChooseLindsey King
ESNScience Literacy ProjectChristina King
ESNi Wish i Had an iPadBlair Eubank
ESNScience in Sight in Second GradeAshley GilmoreStacy Bailey
ESNScience in 3rd Grade - WE Can!Ashley GilmoreStacy Bailey
ESNScience Literacy ProjectAmy McElroy
ESNScience Literacy ProjectLisa Purifoy
ESN"Exploring Interactions within Biomes" Lisa PurifoyChristina King, Amy McElroy
ESNBreakout for EducationLori DiGulioWhitney Dreaden, Amy McElroy
ESSBHESS UkulelesRachel Rozsypal
ESSWho Was? BiographiesRachel ConchLaura Brumley, Alicia Wake, Alma Polydore
ESSBloxelsRachel Conch
ESSMagnifying Science in 5th GradeStacy BaileyAshley Gilmore
ESS4th Grade Difference Makers in ScienceStacy BaileyAshley Gilmore
ESSBreakout EDUSuzanne Cofresi
ESSUsing Mimio Pad to Make Learning InteractiveBrandy DavisLindsay Sanchez
ESSMimioPad Wireless TabletNikki JuarezKelsey Puckett
ESSBreakout EDUAlicia Wake
ESSBreakout EDULaura Brumley
MSNBouncy Bands for Bored BonesJenell Fisher
MSNVirtual Reality in the Social Studies ClassroomKim Short
MSNAwakening the Inner Reader in Every ChildKaren Webb
MSSPhotoscore/Notate Me Ultimate 8 SoftwareGretchen Guseman
MSSVersa Tiles: Practice to Mastery in MathematicsCourtney Nunez
HSSocial Studies Active ClassroomStephanie CottleAdrian Baker, Todd Francis, Kevin Ellis
HSExciting Inquiry Labs and ActivitiesStacy TuckerHeidi Airey, Bo Braddock, Jenifer Pinion, Stacey Owens
HSDissection ManiaAlyssa AlbusLauren Leth, Anthony Moore, Sharon Moyer, Bethany Sobray
HSCross-curricular Biomedical EngineeringJayme CurryRacheal Matos, Julie Hearn, Melinda Berry
HSSTEM MakerspaceJayme CurryRacheal Matos
HSClassroom ConnectJayme CurryRacheal Matos, Kathy Hayman, Nici Mendez
HSWater Demineralization SystemStacy TuckerHeidi Airey, Bo Braddock, Jenifer Pinon, Stacey Owens
HSNuclear Chemistry ActivitiesStacy Tucker
HSPasco Spark Element Wireless Lab TabletCheyne CoxSarah McDonald, Amanda Garringer
HSSTEM and Health Science 3D Printing Human OrgansJulie Hearn
HSModeling ChemistryBo Braddock
HSTouch Screen Chrome BookJason West
HST-Shirts for PALeesDeandra McBride
HSExternal Defibrillator Training SystemMelinda Berry
HSDifferentiation in the Science ClassroomAlyssa AlbusSharon Moyer
HSReal World Science ConnectionsAlyssa AlbusMelanie Gray
OtherModernize EPICJennifer BiddyCarol Baker
OtherEmpowering EaglesLesley Gershmel
OtherEmpowering EaglesLesley Gershmel